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Are you in the Underground, Pipeline and Utilities Construction Industry?
Can you Bid a $5 Million project accurately in 30 minutes?

"Estimating doesn't have to be time consuming, only accurate."
    -Jody Areia, President of Dresser/Areia Construction.



- Pentium 300MHz or higher
- 64MB of RAM for Windows 2000
- 128MB of RAM for Windows XP
- CD-ROM drive and hard disk drive
- Windows 2000 (Service Pack 4),
Windows XP (Service Pack 1)


- Apple G3 or higher
(no G3 upgrade cards)
- 128MB of RAM
- CD-ROM drive and hard disk drive
- Mac OS X v10.2.8 or later**
(Mac OS X FAQ)

All platforms

- Networking: TCP/IP (FileMaker Pro 7 can act as an host for up to five concurrent FileMaker Pro 7 users. See FileMaker Server 7 for increased capacity.)

- Instant Web Publishing: A host computer with continuous access to the Internet or intranet via TCP/IP (FileMaker Pro 7 can manage up to five concurrent Instant Web Publishing sessions. See FileMaker Server 7 Advanced for increased capacity.)

- Access to the Internet requires an Internet service provider, FileMaker does not provide an Internet account for you.

- Limited to five concurrent web sessions.

We have the solution for you . Our Estimating Pro 7.0 Advanced Software Solution was developed by a Contractor for a Contractor. Its ease-of-use features have benefited our clientele with:

- An increased revenue by generating more estimates;
- A decrease in the cost of estimating by shrinking 'Time-to-Delivery' of an estimate and increasing the number of bids items from each estimator;
- An increased success ratio with more accurate estimates;
- A decrease in errors by ELIMINATING 'pen and paper' base estimating process using notepad and calculator;
- The ability to last-minute revise a complete estimate 'on-the-fly' without time-consuming calculations;
- Accurate print-outs of information for Project Field Management;
- Accurate Project Cost Tracking;
- The ability to enter bid items as per the client's bid documents;
. and more.

Furthermore our latest enhancement NOW includes:

- The ability to create full templates of pre-determined crew including equipment and labor; (a substantial time-saving feature!)
- The ability to store complete mechanical/manholes/vaults assemblies;
- Impressive 3-D graphics providing visualization of vaults, trenches, culverts etc. in great details with built-in algorithm for real-time calculations of various dimensions and distances;
- The ability to replicate complete estimate and bid items with our Copy and Paste feature;
- The ability to import/export data from any accounting systems by leveraging the FileMaker Pro 7.0 Import/Export capability;
- The ability to remote synchronize data between field personnel and the main server at HQ;
- The ability to email reports and expedite data transfer into bid items via a Digitizer;
- The ability to access all of Estimating Pro 7.0 functionalities via the World Wide Web using Citrix or Terminal Service, hence emulating an ASP (Application Service Provider) model to the benefit of our client base;
- An ergonomic and ease-of-access of data on the task entry level in a single screen eliminating the need to toggle between multiple screens;
- A faster processing speed and efficient memory usage using the Relational Database Architecture supported by FileMaker Pro 7.0.

Estimating Pro 7.0 is now available leveraging FileMaker Pro 7.0 Server. The solution may be deployed in the following configurations:

1) As a stand alone solution;
2) As a client-server architecture;
3) As Terminal Service/Citrix Web access ASP architecture;

Target market: Construction, underground utility businesses.

An estimating assistance tool that features a FileMaker Pro 7.0-based 3-D/2-D CAD function that lets estimators visualize their excavations in real-time.
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