Product Value and Overview
Estimate Entry Screens
Master Entry Screens


Our Advanced Construction Software was designed and used for the last 8 years by many estimators. During that period, it has been refined and updated several times to meet specific standards and applications. This innovative software now provides the following benefits:

•  Fully customizable interface for the user.
•  Increased revenue by increasing the quantity of estimates completed.
•  Decreased cost of estimating, by increasing the quantity of bids each estimator will complete.
•  Increased success ratio, because the estimates were more consistent.
•  Increased profit, because less money was "left on the table".
•  Decreased mistakes by reducing the need of having a calculator and notepad while estimating.
•  Allows for last minute changes to an estimate, without time-consuming calculations, to get a revised price.
•  Provides printed information for the field management to plan their jobs.
•  Provides information for job cost tracking in construction terms that both the controller and the manager will understand.
•  Enables the estimator to bid the job the way the job will be built.
•  Allows the entry of bid items to be entered matching the client's bid documents.
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