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Providing Value to an International Construction Firm.

ARB, Inc. is an international general construction company providing a wide range of construction, fabrication and maintenance services to major utility, energy, industrial, entertainment, office, retail and institutional clients.

ARB, Inc. is comprised of three operating divisions. Though each division operates separately, the internal capabilities of their divisions allows them to self-perform. MakingARB, Inc. very competitive in many different markets.

Their competitiveness is further enhanced with the implementation of AREIA Resource Development Advanced Construction Software. The multi-users Estimating Module allows for greater efficiency and ease of use for the estimating team hence increasing their effectiveness and productivity.
"The close collaboration between AREIA Resource Development and ARB, Inc. accelerated the development, delivery, and implementation of the requested functionalities enabling accuracy and efficiency in our estimating process."

Truly yours,
Tim Bloodgood
ARB, Inc.

"AREIA Resource Development Advanced Construction Software presented a user interface that is intuitive with an ease of use. Having clarity into our estimating information is key to a successful bid."

Tom Franke
Project Manager
ARB, Inc.
Lewis and Tibbitts, Inc., Fremont, CA, USA

"As we expand our activities from Fremont, CA into a second office in San Jose, CA, Lewis and Tibbits, Inc. required a standardized estimating solution to accelerate our bidding process. ARD, Inc. provided us with a Software Solution requiring a short learning curve and shrinking our time-to-estimate by a factor of 4X."

- Steve Benner, Division Manager
Desert Pipeline, Inc., Thermal, CA, USA

"It was clear to us that this Advanced Software Solution from ARD, Inc. was developed by an experienced Contractor from the Underground Industry. The various functionalities clearly demonstrate an affinity to the intricate requirment needed for an accurate bidding process."

- Phil Johnson, President and CEO
Mid South Utility Corp., Lebanon, TN, USA

"My system had frozen up on me by mid-day. ARD, Inc Technical Support Team allowed me to be up-and-running that same afternoon by helping to re-install the Estimating Software Solution remotely."

- Darrell Key, Principal
H and M Construction, Stockton, CA, USA

"ARD, Inc. Advanced Software Solution with centralized repository of data allows me to process my estimates faster and more accurately. Hence, the time saved may be directed to building a closer relationship with my clients. Besides the price point for the Solution is very attractive as a start-up."

- Josh Hurles, Founder and Partner
Columbia Electric, Inc., San Leandro, CA, USA

"I am now more confident on our pricing model since using the Estimating Software Solution from ARD, Inc. Our Margin is much more transparent since we have eliminated to a great extent the possibility of errors in our data entry by utilizing the Master Files from the Estimating Software."

- Dave Scruggs, Chief Estimator
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