Construction Estimating Software

By Stan

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Construction tenders are special procedures to make competing offers from different bidders looking to obtain a returns of constructing business activity like works, supply, consulting, goods, or service contracts.

Construction is in a mean of construction, reconstruction, demolition, repair or renovation of a building, structure, road, railway, bridge or other engineering or architectural work.

Construction bids are written offers from contractors to undertake a construction job in return of a certain sum of money. The job can be one or more of the following: construction work defined by specifications and/or drawings; supply of materials of specified quality; supply of labor required to complete a specified work; supply of required goods.  For construction bids the need is for construction estimating and construction estimating software.

Invitation to tender When all the preliminaries are completed and the owner has decided to proceed with the work, tenders are invited. Legally this is an attempt to check if there would be interested contractors to carry out the work within the estimated limit of time and finance. The invitation to Tender is not binding to the owner to proceed with the work and does not cause any liability for any expenses to which contractors would spend in preparing and submitting their construction bids.  Bids can be either: negotiated, limited competition or selective bid, open competition bid.

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