Now that we have construction contractor cost estimating online home software we would not be without.


Wednesday, March 05, 2008
I do not know how we ever got by without the contract or construction cost estimating home software that we access online.  It is fantastic.  When we are at a site estimating our cost we can just go online with our laptop and access our contractor construction estimating software.  The clients have been so impressed with the construction estimating home software.  The contractor can now get different estimates if the client wants to know what different things may cost.  So if they want just one room or three done we can break it down and show the changes in cost with the construction estimation online software.  I never thought the program could be so easy to use.  Once we had all of our pricing and information entered in to the master record all we had to do was plug in dimensions and options.  It has saved us so much time and made us so much money.