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•  Have you been forced to turn down an opportunity to bid on projects because there was no time to produce an estimate?
•  Are you currently using a pen and paper or spreadsheet to produce an estimate?
•  Are you adding last minute pricing and changes manually?
•  Are you overwhelmed by the complexity of your current Estimating Software?
•  Would you like the ability to increase your productivity by replicating subsequent, similar projects?
•  Do you want to create a more professional image by creating faster, accurate more reliable method to bid jobs?
•  Would you like the abilility for your estimating to be portable to a job location in order to increase your productivity?
•  Would you like to eliminate the approximate 1.75% in errors in manual estimating?
•  Would you like to increase the number of jobs you bid, leave less money on the table and increase your bottom line?

Jody Areia, former President of Dresser/Areia Construction, a leader in the underground utility industry answered yes to all of the above. By doing so, he evaluated other estimating programs and found them to be complicated and time consuming. Over the past 8 years he has designed and developed Advanced Construction Software. He was able to increase the number of bids submitted and thereby increasing the odds of securing a job. The bids were consistent, accurate, easily read and analyzed, ultimately affording higher profits.

Discover what other contractors have found. AREIA Resource Development’s Advanced Construction Software is innovative and designed by a contractor for a contractor. Whether you are the contractor/estimator needing a single solution or employ several estimators and desire a network solution, we have the expertise to establish a system to meet your needs. We can show you how you can be more successful in an increasingly competitive industry.

We are committed to providing you with the best Estimating Software on the market. And your satisfaction is as important to us as it is to you.

We invite you to evaluate our software free for 30 days and realize for yourself the difference the right tool can make for your company so you can gain the competitive edge.
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